TerraFique is all about taking the cleanest and the most creative ingredients and transforming them into unique hair and skin care products for the fearless woman of today. 

Go Glow Gal!

Celebrating Uniqueness

Our vision is to empower women to go beyond society’s limited or restrictive standards of beauty and be confident in their skin.

Our products, too, are crafted with the most unique, nature-based ingredients. We believe old world panaceas are amazingly potent. And with a touch of modern, they can pack a punch in transforming your skin and hair.

We want to encourage women to own their charm and embrace their imperfections. Because that’s where the magic begins.

From Our Homes to Yours

Women don’t live in silos, and no advice can speak to all types of women. So, we won’t either. Our commitment is to shine the spotlight on you — the flawed yet irreplaceable woman. 

We treasure inclusivity and celebrate women with different hair textures, styles, skin — freckles, and all! Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. And that means using the choicest, cleanest ingredients with utmost care.

A Touch Of Nostalgia

TerraFique is an ode to the legacy of an astounding woman.

My grandmother, whom we all called Nana. We are what we are because of her determination and perseverance. Nana didn’t believe in giving up without a fight. And she gave it her all. 

As an emigrant and with two young kids, life definitely wasn’t easy. But she worked tirelessly so her children could have a bright future. And no matter how bad or hard her day, she always had a smile and a kind word for everyone. And she believed in the magic of all things natural.

Unique Ingredients

Nana had amazing skin and hair, even in her dotage. And she always used natural ingredients. And that’s our inspiration. We want to help you experience nature’s magic with Terrafique’s skin and hair care solutions.

At the heart of our brand lies an unwavering commitment to crafting exceptional products. We pour our hearts and souls into perfecting our formulas, meticulously testing them on diverse hair and skin types. We believe every product we create should deliver nothing but the very best, to help you look and feel your best.